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The Nordic Battery Collaboration

The Nordic Vision

The Nordic region aims to be home to Europe’s leading sustainable, competitive, and innovative battery ecosystem by 2026.

The Nordic region boasts strong momentum for growth with key actors in all parts of the battery value chain and a high engagement in European R&D and networks. The region has a continuous inflow of foreign investments, and the domestic industry is investing heavily. By combining complementary strengths, Norway, Sweden, and Finland have vast potential for developing a strong position in the growing European battery market. The battery industry is rapidly evolving across the region, utilising advantages including clean, affordable energy and a strong manufacturing industry.

Why integrate with the Nordics to realise your ambitions within the battery ecosystem?

  • Sustainable energy and efficient operational cost
  • Emerging battery ecosystem and strong EU engagement
  • Industrial experience and innovation
  • Stable and open business climate

About the Nordic Battery Collaboration

Accelerating sustainable production, innovation, trade, and collaboration across the battery value chain, in the Nordics and globally

The Nordic Battery Collaboration is founded on Norway, Sweden, and Finland’s shared similarities and comparative strengths across the battery value chain. The three countries work closely together with a joint value proposition which aims to attract foreign direct investments as well as strategic partnerships with OEMs and R&D centres.

Established in April 2021 with a signed agreement between Innovation Norway, Business Sweden, and Business Finland, the Nordic Battery Collaboration’s ambition is to jointly work on selected initiatives where the value of acting together is greater than working alone.

In August 2022, the CEOs of the three organisations approved an additional three years of the Nordic Battery Collaboration and plan for a three-year roadmap for 2023-2025.

How does the Nordic Battery Collaboration work?

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