Focus Markets

Global emission reduction targets and the shift to elecfication will only be reached if a collective approach to innovation and development is taken. The Nordics work collaboratively both in the Nordic region with investors and partners from around the world, but we are also actively engaging with stakeholders in focus markets to accelerate collaboration through both trade and investment.

Explore the potentail and opportunities in our focus markets: Germany, Japan, and the USA.


Japan is one of top ten global battery nations with core strengths in battery manufacturing and R&D . The Japanese battery industry aims to regain global battery market share by leading the commercialization of next generation batteries and aims to enable full-scale commercialization of solid-state batteries by 2030.

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The era of electrification in the USA has begun. Government policies and investment are combing with industry innovations to accelerate the green and digital transition within the energy and transport sectors.

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Germany's long automotive history continues with the shift to electric vehicles accelerating at a rapid pace. Emerging as a leading hub in central Europe, Germany is leveraging it's strong geographical positon and existing OEM penetration to build a future-focused sustainable battery ecosystem.

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